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Hi! I'm Gary Jones, Vice President of Marketing, Research & Development for BeautiControl located in Dallas Texas. BeautiControl, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tupperware Brands, is a direct sales beauty company that specializes in innovative, high-quality skincare, anti-aging and color cosmetics products, featured through an in-home Spa experience. For more than 30 years, the mission of BeautiControl has been to create beautiful lives filled with passion and opportunity. BeautiControl strives to empower women to live their beautiful lives, achieve gorgeous results and to share the opportunity with those around them. Beauticontrol was founded to create an opportunity for women to earn an unparalleled income, be a professional business owner, have the flexibility to manage her time with her family and celebrate her life with style. We will always strive to provide the most innovative products created with leading edge technology. We will strive to stay ahead of the trends and offer quality products that deliver proven results. Our commitment, to our customers and consultants alike, is to always provide our best, so you can be your best. Join me each week as we discuss what's new in skin care, fashion and cosmetic trends as well as the latest behind the scenes happenings here in Dallas!